Meeting with Sarah

Yesterday was a very productive day for me in terms of working on my project. To the contrast, I didn’t do grocery for the house, laundry is been piled up. No time for my husband. I guess this is the artist life. Oh well a glass half empty is a glass half full. Thank god I have clothes to do laundry. Goodness gracious, I am able to focus on my project. Fantastic……

I had an opportunity to met with Sarah yesterday. She made me realize how personal my work is in term of the way I weave, my posture and the elements I am using and the environment around me effects. Also, she made me think about how I can bring my work on the space instead of being on just the wall. She suggested that I take advantage of the sturdiness of my work and play around with it in different forms and shapes. As she was talking to me I was like …man…I am getting lot of ideas in my mind now….I am so glad I met her. I can’t wait to have her back again.

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