An inspiring class with Julie Abijanic

Wow! Its almost the end of the fourth week of school.  As the days are passing I feel like the two years is getting shorter every day as I am continuing my learning process here at CCAD.

Today, in digital class we had Julie Abijanic. She has such a bold personality. I was really thrilled by her response to lot of questions that were offered in the class. I took notes and I want to mention a few of the points here.

We as artists should be able to figure out questions of what, how and why.

Failure is important in order to be successful.

An art residency is very important to build up your resume and opens the door for a lot of  opportunities.

72 DPI pixel cannot be printed. It helps protect your images from copyright issues.

As per my own work she said that consistency is important in work and thinking through how to merge between craft and contemporaneity plays a pivotal role in work of art.

Looking up artists who do similar work to yours helps you develop your content as well. “We should not isolate the act of making.”

Even writing in your sketch book about why your are doing what you’re doing helps you understand well.

Looking up the theme rather than the theory helps to relate your work to theory as the process of making goes. “A maker’s mind is important.”

Just because you do not know how to relate your work with theory does not make you or your art bad.






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