Busy Tuesday

I met with my mentor on Tuesday. I had really good time with her. She gave me more ideas on the presentation of my work. She recommend this book called ‘Ritual’s of Dinner’ and I have been so fascinated by it. I have been learning dinner presentation in diverse cultures.

I also met with Sarah the same evening. She thought its cool that I have been exploring a lot. As I was talking to her I realize that lot of my ideas comes while I am talking to people. Making mat is part of being socially active in my culture and somehow when I am socially involved with people then I get more ideas as well.

I had John in my studio on Tuesday afternoon. I was little frustrated and confused. He encouraged me to look up into positive side. He also told me the importance of building up the portfolio and how its going to impact in future.

Zen Miller also came to my studio the same evening and as we were talking he showed me a video of an artist who collect the pollen for years. I felt so silly. I was not patience enough to keep collecting bag and there is someone collecting pollen to make his work. I am so glad and thankful that he showed me the video. I can collect the bags. It’s easy now…..

Below is the link of the artist who collect pollen.






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