Influenced by Text

Recently, I have been reading different articles and text books which is helping me to get deep insight. I had to read Vivien Green Fryd’s article “the object in the Age of Theory” for Art Theory and Criticism class. I was totally blown away by the way she look at art. I was able to relate with my own work. Fryd says in her article ” we understand the object through the culture, and the culture through the object.” My own artwork which uses traditionally woven mats reflects the agricultural values of the culture that it comes from. From the opposite perspective, my cast always made this kind of mat, so me using these woven mats reflects the fact that I am from a specific cast group.

Another book that I am reading right now is “The Rituls of Dinner” by Margaret Visser. The book illustrates the rituals and culture of different part of the world. It made me think about how culture that we grow in shapes our values and beliefs.


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