Organizing Studio

Most of the time I do good job on organizing my studio. Sometime due to the limited space It’s not as easy to stack all the plastics. Also depending on the studio space I make sure to leave as many plastic as I can in my cars trunk. That way it stays clean and create more space to work on.

I love decorating wall stuffs. I remember right after the orientation I came to decorate the wall of the studio. I love having my paintings on the wall and some ceramic bowls or glass to put my brushes .Somehow looking at wall designs create very positive mood to work on. However, sometime I feel lazy to clean the floor even though I work on the ground more than seat on the chair.

Also every week or so I have to sort all the plastics bags according to the colors. If I wait too long my studio will be dumpster. Thus, organizing depends on which is more important for me to make my life easy while I am kicking my butt off at the studio.



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