Method of Critique

Critique is extremely important for an artist to boost their energy. It is the food for an artist to grow in their carrier. Critique should be always challenging not critical. An artist should also have the attitude of responding rather than reacting.

Being around so many artist over the years, I have learned decent ways of critiquing someones work and also finding the ways that help in critiquing my own works. I always gaze through what the artist might be trying to portray. At the same time It is also important for me how the formal elements are playing role to convey the content. I think It helps me to throw out my thoughts to the artist if they have some particular thoughts on what they are trying to achieve and where they are at the moment of critique. The more the artist is specific I think the more it’s easy for people to throw in their thoughts.

Recently, being with diverse group of artist I found myself hard to critique on the subjects that I am not familiar with such as Illustration or film. But, at the same time I am pushing myself to ask question about the technique that the artist uses or what’s the next step for them.

As per my own work, I would like to see peoples response without knowing my concept at the beginning and then their response back after getting familiar with content. It helps me look at the big picture. Also, I try to record the critique and listen back and forth which helps me to follow next step.

In a nutshell, critique plays pivotal role in maturing the work of art. Also, it is important to find the right group with right taste. As an artist, there are miscellaneous ways of critique that helps in developing the works. It’s up to you to find your own methods. Hence, you are the artist and you should be able to filter the amount of ideas that you want to consume for your own development from the critique.

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