2nd Semester @Gratitude..

I am very excited for this semester. I can not believe that first semester is gone already. There are so many things to be thankful for this semester. I am so thankful for all those friends who brought me tons of bags. I am thankful to the faculty for having three groups of critique which will allow us more time on critiquing the work. I am thankful for my mentor Andrea Myers who is super awesome and I am looking forward to working with her this semester.

This semester I am incorporating different materials in my work. The reason I wanted to try different materials is to try and push myself beyond what I have become comfortable with. I also want to do different scales of work to see how it impacts the viewers. I guess there are always many questions that come along with using different materials. These are some of the questions on my mind that I am chewing on and trying to find the answers to.

  • Why is the use of different materials are important in my work?
  • Is it going to take away the from weaving if I incorporate different materials?
  • What is the relationship of use of different materials and how am I going to marry them into my weaving?
  • Will it be challenging to use different materials?

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