How to know when it’s done

As an artist I guess it’s not only me who struggle with making decision of when the work of art is to be called done. Specially when the critique is approaching then I feel like I have to have a finish piece. How do I measure the finishing line? Does finish or not finish matters to the viewers? What matters to me to be called done? Is there any formula?

As the work is growing I have also been thinking about how does my work speaks to each other. How do I decide which piece should go next to each other? What is the best way to have a conversation going on with the pieces they are next to each other?

The more I am making work the more questions are hunting my mind? I wish the answers were easy like maths equations. Since every artist have different content I have to have my own solid answers. I know…but when…I don’t know yet…let’s just say that I am working on it….

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