Spring 2017 Reflection

I can not believe this semester is almost over. My one year at CCAD is done 😦 This semester is been really hectic and great learning experience. My mentor Andrea Myers has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me chew on some deep thoughts.

Overall I am very happy with how my work turned out this semester. I wanted to work big and more three dimensional installation using different kind of materials and I think I got most of my goals covered. I wish I was able to  use more materials to weave with but at the same time because of the way its woven, the material is limited.

Most of my Nepali friends ask me why am I changing the function and shape of weaving? The woven mats that I am making are more than crafted utilitarian. I am elevating the craft into fine art by breaking the rules of weaving style and distorting the shapes along with presenting in different manner rather than using as functional mat. These unorthodox shapes represent my experience pushing against the norms and boundaries of my native culture.  The weaving style, distorted forms, and blend of materials reflect my multicultural identity – how I shape it and how it is shaping me.

Below are some of the works from this semester.

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