From Dumpster to Fashion Garment

I feel honored to have my art work selected for a collaborative fashion design project.  Sheldyn Nicholson and Kennesha White used my piece to design dresses for the Columbus College of Art & Design senior fashion show.  CCAD has a world-class fashion program, and  I am excited to have my work be part of it.

In 2015, I found an old kitchen counter top on the sidewalk, waiting to be taken to the dumpster.  I salvaged it, and used it as a canvas. I painted with acrylic, discarded plastic for texture, and a small mat woven with discarded plastic bags.  I was exploring merging paint with plastic, as well as ways of creating texture without using traditional mediums.

A big shout out to these creative designers Sheldyn Nicholson and Kennesha White, for such a wonderful creation and enhancing the beauty of discarded materials. Thank you fashion department of CCAD for this great opportunity.


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