Final Project

At this time I am realizing how little time I have left in this program, and how much more I have to get done. For now all I am thinking about is my final project.  As I am in the process of working on this project I am weaving the stories of my life, my experience being in two cultures.

During the making process, as I sit in my studio with Bollywood or Netflix movies as my company, my work asks me what I am making and why? What prompted me to make this particular piece, or place it this way? Does it matter if it hangs or sits on the floor? Why painted and not painted? What makes it valuable?

I am also realizing how challenging it is for artists when they have to depend on materials from others. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes before the work turns into art. Brainstorming, research, experimenting, gathering supplies and materials, making, failing, making again, and finding space to present the finished work are some of the processes that go into art.

I don’t have answers to all of the questions going through my head, but I am glad to have questions for now. The main question today is where to get more materials. My hunt for materials is to be continued!!!!!


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