Dinner is cooking!!!!

Last time I was frustrated trying to collect materials for the project. Fortunately, I got a call back from a few hotels and was able to pick  up about 500 bed sheets. Since then I have been dying a lot of bed sheets and preparing materials, which includes dying, cutting into strips, braiding etc. This time I was really being thoughtful about going from one process to another instead of jumping randomly.  For example, previously I would  cut the strips or braid enough for a day or less and think about adding or cutting more strips later. Spontaneous action is part of my personality.  Even when I cook I start heating the pan before I have cut any vegetables. I do not prepare all the list at the beginning. So this time I forced myself to have everything ready before I started weaving. Therefore, the weaving is still in the cooking process. It might take a while before it  gets done.

Below are some of the processes I have been doing so far. I started working in my apartment studio since the school’s studio space felt small for the piece I am working on. That is the reason you do not hear Bollywood movie playing on third floor studio right after you walk into the CCAD design building.

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