Thesis Project statement

I work between two and three dimensionalities, creating installations that merge traditional Nepali weaving with contemporary western materiality.

My process is inspired by the mats I learned to make growing up in Nepal, where my mother wove mats as part of her livelihood. Weaving in my culture is mostly an uneducated women’s job. As a fine artist, I weave mats with the same traditional techniques, introducing the art/craft/labor of those unprivileged women. In Nepal, mats are woven with agricultural waste products; in my work I reflect contemporary western culture’s waste by weaving discarded plastic bags, bed sheets and paper.

In weaving the sculptural piece, I contrast the inside and outside. The weaving style and natural colors represent my native culture, whereas the contemporary western materials and white paint represent my adopted culture. The inside and outside reflect my multicultural identity, how I shape it and how it is shaping me.

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