First Exhibition of 2017

It was an honor to be the part of Young Heart 6 exhibition at Sean Christopher Gallery , Ohio for the month of February, 2017. Six artist from Columbus college of Art and Design were featured in the show. I would deeply like to thank Mr John Joseph Mccutcheon  and Blake Turner for such an awesome opportunity. Last, but not the least to all my friends and family who came to support the show. Here are some pictures from the show.

2nd Semester @Gratitude..

I am very excited for this semester. I can not believe that first semester is gone already. There are so many things to be thankful for this semester. I am so thankful for all those friends who brought me tons of bags. I am thankful to the faculty for having three groups of critique which will allow us more time on critiquing the work. I am thankful for my mentor Andrea Myers who is super awesome and I am looking forward to working with her this semester.

This semester I am incorporating different materials in my work. The reason I wanted to try different materials is to try and push myself beyond what I have become comfortable with. I also want to do different scales of work to see how it impacts the viewers. I guess there are always many questions that come along with using different materials. These are some of the questions on my mind that I am chewing on and trying to find the answers to.

  • Why is the use of different materials are important in my work?
  • Is it going to take away the from weaving if I incorporate different materials?
  • What is the relationship of use of different materials and how am I going to marry them into my weaving?
  • Will it be challenging to use different materials?

2nd critique of the semester

 The first critique went well for me.  I was challenged in lot of ways. Everyone was interested in the cultural aspects of the traditional weaving in my work.  Some thought that my work was too overwhelming and looked like a thumbnail at that stage.  One of the pieces looked crafty, like a piece that might hang behind the couch.  I was sad in a way because I worked so hard on that piece during fall break, staying three days and two nights in my studio and that is the one which worked least among the others.  At the same time I was happy to realize that if I had not made that mistake I would not have known what I should be keeping in mind while I am make my work.  That really brought up the question about where I want my work to fit in; behind the couch or in a gallery or museum.

In the process of making this work I became really emotional thinking about my late mother who used to regularly weave mats at home.  There is so much of my personal narrative involved in this piece.  I have also been thinking over some questions regarding my work.  Here are the questions I’ve been chewing on as I weave:

  • Is weaving more important, or is the material important?
  • Why am I doing what am I doing?
  • What are these mats for?
  • What is my work saying to the viewers?
  • How does the disguise shift the experience for the viewers?
  • What am I saying about the women of my culture in my work?
  • In what ways it my work more personal?
  • How do Nepali people react to my work? Will they call it art or, something else?


I am still working through getting all the answers to these questions.  I guess that’s why I am in school, to find answers to these questions.

First Exhibition of 2016

After moving to Columbus a year ago I got so caught up with adjusting to the new environment that I could not think about exhibitions. I was in a new town with no artist circle to mingle in. CCAD brought me into contact with a lot of artists, and I’ve been looking around the city for ways to get involved in the art community. I was excited that recently my work was selected for a group exhibition at 934 gallery in Cleveland avenue in Columbus!

Last Friday was the opening reception and it was very interesting to watch people’s response to the three pieces I have in the exhibition. Some people did not realized the woven mats were made from plastic until they got close to the work. Some were taking selfies with background of my work. It was fun to watch the ways people interact with my art. It was a fun night, and interesting to see the work of other local artists.

I am so glad that some of my colleagues from CCAD were able to join me at the opening. Here are some pictures from the show. Please stop by at 934 gallery to see great work of artist working in different mediums. The exhibition will be up until December 31st.



I can not believe that the semester is almost over. Just four weeks left. I got so many projects to finish up. I am overwhelmed, frustrated and nervous. So much of project and overwhelms…I guess I can say Prowhelmed…. I have not even got chance to prepare gifts list for Christmas. I guess this is normal in the grad school…..

Again, even though I am overwhelmed I am excited about the final exhibition. I have limited amount of time remaining to finish up my project but at the same time I am so excited to get the response from everyone.

Well..gotta go back and finish what I am suppose to finish…Happy thanksgiving y’all!!!


Behind the Curtain Visit

I had an awesome productive day with Molly and Carmen at my studio today. Both of  these awesome ladies encouraged me to do what I am interested  in doing rather than what other people are interested looking at.  They boost my energy to the different level. I was surprised how Molly and Carmen both were fascinated by the way I seat on the floor and weave. That made me realize that Eastern people have lot of traditional way of seating on the floor. To the contrast, Western culture is rich in seating on couch or chair for most of the time.  Being in a school with such a diverse group of people with creative thoughts and minds gave me the platform to weave the relationship of Western verses Eastern culture. Can’t thank enough CCAD!!

Method of Critique

Critique is extremely important for an artist to boost their energy. It is the food for an artist to grow in their carrier. Critique should be always challenging not critical. An artist should also have the attitude of responding rather than reacting.

Being around so many artist over the years, I have learned decent ways of critiquing someones work and also finding the ways that help in critiquing my own works. I always gaze through what the artist might be trying to portray. At the same time It is also important for me how the formal elements are playing role to convey the content. I think It helps me to throw out my thoughts to the artist if they have some particular thoughts on what they are trying to achieve and where they are at the moment of critique. The more the artist is specific I think the more it’s easy for people to throw in their thoughts.

Recently, being with diverse group of artist I found myself hard to critique on the subjects that I am not familiar with such as Illustration or film. But, at the same time I am pushing myself to ask question about the technique that the artist uses or what’s the next step for them.

As per my own work, I would like to see peoples response without knowing my concept at the beginning and then their response back after getting familiar with content. It helps me look at the big picture. Also, I try to record the critique and listen back and forth which helps me to follow next step.

In a nutshell, critique plays pivotal role in maturing the work of art. Also, it is important to find the right group with right taste. As an artist, there are miscellaneous ways of critique that helps in developing the works. It’s up to you to find your own methods. Hence, you are the artist and you should be able to filter the amount of ideas that you want to consume for your own development from the critique.

Organizing Studio

Most of the time I do good job on organizing my studio. Sometime due to the limited space It’s not as easy to stack all the plastics. Also depending on the studio space I make sure to leave as many plastic as I can in my cars trunk. That way it stays clean and create more space to work on.

I love decorating wall stuffs. I remember right after the orientation I came to decorate the wall of the studio. I love having my paintings on the wall and some ceramic bowls or glass to put my brushes .Somehow looking at wall designs create very positive mood to work on. However, sometime I feel lazy to clean the floor even though I work on the ground more than seat on the chair.

Also every week or so I have to sort all the plastics bags according to the colors. If I wait too long my studio will be dumpster. Thus, organizing depends on which is more important for me to make my life easy while I am kicking my butt off at the studio.